Medical Billing Management (MBM) is a professional revenue cycle and practice management
company in Los Angeles, California.
We have more than 25 years of experience in the medical industry and work hard to provide you with exemplary and money-saving services.
Allow your staff to focus on patient care while we take care of your business.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest levels of revenue cycle and practice management services, with the highest quality of customer service and technology capabilities in the industry.


  • Highly collaborative, productive, and engaged working environment.
  • Hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and work ethic.
  • Unwavering commitment to every customer’s success.
  • Value and trust in our team members.


years of experience

Our Story

We have been providing quality medical billing since our founding in 1992. As an organization, we offer a wide range of services to physicians, medical groups, surgeries and imaging centers with a need to outsource their billing, coding, collection and reimbursement processes of accounts receivable.    From full claims management to soft collections, we can handle your most challenging environments and free you to do what you do best—provide quality healthcare to your patients.

At MBM, we pride ourselves in maintaining an exceedingly high quality of service to our physicians and all our physician's patients. We provide relief from inadequate flow of payments caused by paperwork back-up, delays in claims processing, data entry errors and inefficient follow-up of suspended or rejected claims. We furnish a complete financial service by billing Medicare, Medi-cal, HMO, all private insurance companies and patients. We are also very prudent in billing secondary insurance companies.

MBM is staffed and directed by experienced and dedicated professionals whose medical insurance knowledge and specialized training enables us to provide a service that is of the highest quality. Our knowledge base, expertise, and internally developed Information Flow System, with skilled billing and collection personnel are our strongest assets that help us provide our clients with a strategy to increase cash flow. With every client, we implement a customized strategy that allows us to deliver maximum results in the most expeditious manner.   And, we do all of this without ever sacrificing the most important part of client business relationship— superior and unwavering attention to detail and customer service.

MBM can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on in-house staff, expensive computers, and software. We don't require any of your office space or facilities. We privately and confidentially perform all services externally from your office. We stay current with the ever-changing claim submission requirements and relieve your staff of the time consuming task of medical billing.

This comprehensive combination of expertise, technology and superior customer service is what our company was founded upon since day one.   We invite you to give us a call and experience for yourself the many ways MBM can improve your business.  If you are considering our services we will be more than happy to furnish you with references from current clients and you can ask them what they think of our services. We welcome you to tour our site for more information.

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